Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sylvanian Families Sky Ride Adventure Review

When I was sent this set to review I couldn't help but think about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Having said that this set is nothing like Chitty so I have no idea why I think about that.  I suppose it has a whimsical side to it.

Its worth noting that the set does NOT come with any of the figures featured on the box.  That was one of the first questions the children asked when they saw it.  Does it come with people? Nope - it does not.  With this in mind if this is one of your first sets then you would need to buy a family to give it some play value.  Its no good on its own.

What's in the box?

  • Ready made Sky Ride Adventure Bike
  • Picnic Basket
  • 1 Plate
  • 1 Croissant
  • 1 bunch of bananas
  • 1 apple
  • Picnic blanket
  • 1 small blue bird

I thought this time I'd try a video review using the people that matter...the children.

So here it is!

It would have been good if the propeller had turned when you push the bike along.  I'm not sure how difficult it would be in the making of the product to achieve this - it really would be a nice extra but only something the hubster and I came up with!  (can I have commission if they introduce this on future updates ;) )

Important Info:

Sylvanian Families Sky Ride Adventure is available to purchase at Amazon and all good toy retailers RRP £22.99

This set was provided to me for the purposes of review.  All opinions are my own (well - actually that of the children!)

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase from the links I may receive a small commission. This doesn't affect the price you pay.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Make Your Own Wire Wall Grid

I love the recent trend for wire wall grids and have been drooling over this one from Urban Outiftters for ages...

I get lots of inspirational prints from my monthly treat box from TreatBoxUK and I'm a big fan of printables as anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know and this seemed perfect for my ever changing selection (but not at the price Urban Outfitters were charging!)

SO....I made my own!

Make your own wire wall grid


  • Wire mesh grid (found in the garden section of your local DIY/Garden Centre) Approx 61cm x 92cm
  • Spray primer - Hycote Grey Primer , 400ml
  • Spray paint in your colour of choice - I went for Copper
  • Newspaper for floor covering
  • Face mask (just to be careful)

After lots of trawling the internet I found that I could get a large wire mesh grid - if you look up Apollo Galvanised Welded mesh panel you'll find the type of thing I used.

In the end I (and by 'I' I mean hubby who was sent on a shopping mission) found some at The Range for only £2.99.  Luckily Mr H bought two because the first one I cocked up!!

YOU WILL NEED TO USE PRIMER.  On my first attempt I happily sprayed the whole thing (outside - you need ventilation) but although it covered well it just remained tacky.  Not ideal when it was going to be up on my pretty wallpaper!

Attempt 2 - I used primer and then after allowing 24 hours drying time I applied Plastikote spray paint in Copper .

After 24 hours - VOILA!

Wire Wall Grid by

Totally simple, plenty of room (bigger than the one at Urban Outfitters) and came in at around £16!  Bargain.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Cakebread Toy Poodle Family

When I was asked if we'd like to try out the Cakebread Toy Poodle family we jumped at the chance having recently got our own puppy which is a cockapoo the Toy Poodle family is the closest we could get to our own pooch.

Like most of the Sylvanian Families family sets this set comprises of a father, mother, brother and sister - the Sylvania equivalent of 2.4 children!

Meet the Cakebreads

They have their own back story (its always good to know a bit about them!)

Meet the Cakebreads!

Father Frank Cakebread is good at sports. He's very generous about his hobby and always plays soccer or catch with the children in the village on weekends. The children also like Frank's clothes - whether he's wearing ordinary clothes or dressed for sports, he always wears a great outfit. On most other days, he is icing cakes with Melinda or playing catch with little Eric and his friends in Sylvanian Village.   

Mother Veronica Cakebread
 is the pastry chef at the Village Cake Shop. Everyone in the village loves her beautiful cakes with decorations that look like jewels. Whenever someones birthday or another special occasion is coming, the villagers always go to her cake shop.

Brother Eric Cakebread
 is top of the class at school and is good at helping his friends when they don't understand something. Everyone goes to him for help because he knows just how to explain things so that people will understand. But sometimes he cares too much about his marks. When he doesn't get full marks in a test, he gets so disappointed that he runs home alone as soon as school is over.

Sister Melinda Cakebread
 is an outgoing girl and makes friends very easily. She loves baking cakes; one day her mother made a new cake and invited all of the children around for a tea party. Melinda had so much fun that she's learning how to bake cakes from her mother so that she can have a tea party of her own.

This set arrived and was easy to open (nothing more frustrating than battling with oodles of packaging) with the animals wired onto the cardboard insert.  Most of the packaging is recyclable too which is also good.

This particular set has flat hands so they are not able to hold anything which is a bit of a shame and something I would change.  It's good for the children to create scenes when they are able to set the figures up holding onto some of the littler items, such as a cup or bottle.

I'm no dog aficionado so not really sure I would recognise the breed they're supposed to be.  What do you think??

Incredibly cute Toy Poodle puppy!

The set has an RRP of £17.99 but like most things if you keep your eyes peeled you can get it for around the £14 mark.  If you just can't wait then you can pick one up from Amazon here Sylvanian Families Toy Poodle Family.

As always the verdict from the children is whats important as its them that have the pester power.

They loved them and have booted out another family to allow the Toy poodles to occupy the bottom floor of one of the houses (we have far more families than housing...pretty much like Britain!!).  They were also keen to know if there are babies for the family to buy separately...and the answer is of course YES!

NB/ I was not paid for this review but the item was provided to me for the purposes of review and for my honest opinions.  This review contains affiliate links.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Whirring half term thoughts

We're a couple of days into Half Term.

The girls have stopped the bickering they seem to do for the first couple of days when they just annoy each other and have settled into enjoying each others company.

Its in the holidays that I am racked with guilt that I can't currently take them places.

Facebook shows me the shiny snapshot of my friends lives that they want to share on social media.

The days out at castles, zoos, theme parks and the cinema.  Its not that we cannot afford to take them these places but suffering from panic disorder has meant that I find it really difficult to get too far from Ashford (and in all honesty sometimes even around Ashford).

It worries me that the children will miss out.

And then I try and remember what I used to do in half terms when I was their age......and (I'm sorry Mum) but I don't remember.  I'm fairly certain we didn't go out every day of the holidays as both my parents worked.  I probably spent a fair bit of time at my grandparents and they certainly didn't take me on outings.

I do remember spending time with people though.  I remember that my Mum used to take my Grandma to the supermarket every week (and it was weekly because Grandma couldn't/wouldn't plan a fortnightly menu) and I would sometimes go with them.

I remember helping (loose interpretation of the word) my Dad with whatever work he was doing on the house. I'm the daughter of a carpenter and I wanted to do whatever Dad did.

I remember Mum cooking Sunday lunch EVERY week - even when it was roasting outside with the Archers omnibus on the radio.

I'm sure there were plenty of outings and lots of money spent on trips out...but that is not what has built the memories.  Its the time with my family that I remember.

I remember feeling loved all the time.

So - if my girls don't have the outings like their friends perhaps they're not missing out on so much after all because they are loved beyond words and THAT is what I hope they remember as they grow up.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sylvanian Families Party Set Review

Look what arrived last week!

It's time to P-A-R-T-Y!

The set comes in a nice compact box (none of this excessive packaging malarkey!) - I was really pleased when I opened it up that it wasn't all settled into a plastic tray (they infuriate me!).

The detail on this set is AMAZING.

It comes with the following:

  • Table and 4 chairs
  • 4 x plates / glasses / cake forks
  • Jug of squash
  • Sandwich platter
  • Cake with 2 removable slices and a cake plate
  • Pizza and pizza plate
  • Trifle
  • Salad
  • Serving tongs
  • A table mat (paper)
  • 2 x party invites (paper)
  • 2 x party banners (paper)
  • 2 x party hats (paper)
  • 2 x presents (paper)

I just love the sandwich platter. Its so detailed (sorry for the slightly blurry photo - my phone just didn't want to do close up!)

First thoughts

The table itself is really big (for Sylvania!!) - it kind of has to be to fit the cake, pizza, sarnies and trifle on and allow room for plates etc).

First look at the table and accessories

Its a really versatile table that will look good in any of the larger family homes.

The girls set up in Beechwood Hall.  I just left them to it and before I knew it extra chairs had been drafted in ready for a game of Musical Chairs.

The kids decided to set up all the party food in the dining room and pressie in the lounge ...

The birthday banners are up and the pressie pile is accumulating.
 The set only comes with two boxes for pressies to the children used some from other sets and some we had crafted at home on a previous occasion.

The Sylvanian Families are ready for a game of "Duck Duck Goose" (I still have no idea what this game is!!)

What would we change?

For me the paper sheets that you make the present boxes and banners etc from was a bit flimsy.  Its not going to last.  HOWEVER - it has given the girls ideas to make decorations of their own.

The children were disappointed that there weren't teeny tiny items to go inside the presents - perhaps a mini doll or something.

They also thought the table needed a 'proper' material table cloth (I'm raising these kids well!!!)

The kids also thought that there should be balloons since its a party.  So our job for half term week is going to be to make a few teeny tiny balloons.

I love how the arrival of a new set inspires a new way of playing.  It sparks their imagination.

I never suggest ways for the children to set it up or how they should play with it.

I loved seeing them create a party with party games.

I'm slightly relieved they didn't ask me to make itty bitty party bags to give to guests ;)

There is so much included for the price but lots of it consists of tiny items so is perhaps better for the more experienced collector rather than those just starting out. 

Anyone else got this set?  I'd love to know your thoughts.

Beccy x

NB - I was not paid for my review although the set was sent to me to review.  These are my own opinions.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sylvanian Families Christmas Set

In December we were lucky to receive the beautiful Sylvanian Christmas set through the post to review.

In the mountains of all our Sylvanian items we didn't have any 'official' Christmas items, usually just making use of Christmas items from other toys...a Lego Christmas tree and snowman, an old HappyLand Santa so it was lovely to receive some 'proper' items for our sets.

The set arrives in the new style packaging, looking all vintage and lovely.

It includes Freya, the chocolate rabbit girl dressed in a beautiful red dress and hat.

There are some cardboard pop out wreaths and garlands for attaching to your Sylvanian house front door. It would have been nice to have a 'proper' wreath...the type you get as card toppers from craft shops but the cardboard ones were pretty enough.

There is a lovely free standing Christmas tree complete with little ornaments to attach and some little cardboard parcels to fold and put under the tree.

I LOVE that one of the little presents supplied is a Sylvanian Family toy sized Sylvanian house! A really diddy little miniature.

To finish off the set there is a snowman. Strike that. A snow rabbit! Life sized! (Well - life sized if you're a Sylvanian!)

This is what's included in the set

The children loved putting the Christmas items in their houses (the set seemed to move from house to house to prevent arguments).

It retails at £19.99 which to be honest I think is a bit too expensive.  If you can track it down for around the £14 mark I would say it's a good deal but I'm not sure it's worth £20.

Having said that it really is a lovely addition for any collector.

The Sylvanian Families Christmas set in use...this time in the dolls house.

I would love to get my hands on this set for next year....

....anyone off to Japan?! Just look at that sleigh!

NB - I was not paid for my review although the set was sent to me to review.  These are my own opinions.