Monday, 7 November 2016

OK - who keeps hiding my stuff?

My odd sock black hole seems to have expanded. You know the one - you certainly never went out and bought 20 pairs of odd socks but over the months that's what you've ended up with.

You wore two matching socks, you put those matching socks in the wash together but before you know it - poof - one has vanished. Vamoosed.

Now this sock black hole is eating other random objects.

My sellotape dispenser. Mr H borrowed it, took it to his office, brought it home again and POOF. Nowhere to be seen.

I love crafting things and I have special tools for my Cricut machine. My two most used tools - POOF. Gone.

It's SOOOOO frustrating. Where on earth are they? If you're like me you find yourself looking on the strangest places for them. Are they in the freezer (as if I would ever have put them there!).

My only explanation is that I've posted them to one of my etsy customers...but surely if that's what happened they'd have mentioned the random extras in with their goodies.

Its a mystery.

Or its a sign I need to tidy up.

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