Thursday, 15 December 2016

Boo Makes

I have been a BUSY crafty bee over the past few weeks.

I even did my first craft fair last week with a couple of friends and had a really lovely morning drinking tea, eating cake and buying bits from other peoples stalls!

This is the state of my etsy shop at the moment...

I have LOVED making the glass light blocks and they have been really popular this year.

This is one of my favourites - its so vintage Cath Kidston-y!

I'm hoping to come up with some year round designs too. Something for mothers day or weddings perhaps.

Watch this space.

Christmas in Sylvania

The human house is duly festooned with glittery, sparkly stuff and so I thought it'd be a great idea to get the children to decorate one of the Sylvanian families houses.

I was inspired having stumbled across this picture....

Can't be too hard I thought.  *Cue Pinterest Fail*

 I had some white felt for snow (not enough) and I bought some pretty red and gold cord (which frays as soon as you look at it) and a pair of scissors to snip festive garlands and wreaths.

And this what I ended up with....

It looked really cute for the first 10 minutes (I'm sorry you missed it) until we discovered that double sided sticky tape just isn't strong enough to hold up and the cord started to fray.

Less 'Christmassy' and more 'aftermath of a storm'.

Oh well - the thought was there!!

I would love to see some successful decorating attempts.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Family

Another gorgeous family plopped through my letterbox a few days ago, the Dappledawn Rabbits.

The Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Family - £16.99

This gorgeous family of 4 consists of father Herbage, mother Theodora, brother Radish & sister Tilly Dappledawn.

We already have loads of bunny families (well we would, they breed like....rabbits!) and yet these have a certain quirkiness to them that makes them extra cute.  Look at their ears.  The tip of one ear is just slightly turned over. It such a small detail but is the reason that Sylvanian Families is still going strong after 30 years.  It's this attention to detail.

The children were eager to get playing with the new family and what better way to introduce them to the rest of the Sylvanian crew than a wedding! (I dunno - that's kids for you!)

Little Miss L (7) says "they are very good, they're really pretty and there is nothing wrong about them and they are good with the other Sylvanians."

Radish and Tilly Dappledawn waiting

Mother rabbit arriving by sleigh (borrowed from a Happyland set!)

The 'congregation' lined up neatly by family 

I always think the price of the families seems a little steep HOWEVER (fancy BUT) the detail in them is gorgeous right down to their quaint little clothes.  They also retain their value really well should you want to sell them in future AND they are sturdy - we have broken several bits of furniture over the years but never a family member.

They will be much loved in our household and can look forward to their first Sylvanian Christmas at the Holiday house.

Monday, 7 November 2016

OK - who keeps hiding my stuff?

My odd sock black hole seems to have expanded. You know the one - you certainly never went out and bought 20 pairs of odd socks but over the months that's what you've ended up with.

You wore two matching socks, you put those matching socks in the wash together but before you know it - poof - one has vanished. Vamoosed.

Now this sock black hole is eating other random objects.

My sellotape dispenser. Mr H borrowed it, took it to his office, brought it home again and POOF. Nowhere to be seen.

I love crafting things and I have special tools for my Cricut machine. My two most used tools - POOF. Gone.

It's SOOOOO frustrating. Where on earth are they? If you're like me you find yourself looking on the strangest places for them. Are they in the freezer (as if I would ever have put them there!).

My only explanation is that I've posted them to one of my etsy customers...but surely if that's what happened they'd have mentioned the random extras in with their goodies.

Its a mystery.

Or its a sign I need to tidy up.

Friday, 28 October 2016

To elf or not to elf?

For the last 3 years we have wholeheartedly embraced the pesky little visitors that arrive around the festive season to 'keep an eye' on our children's behaviour.  I have blogged extensively about the antics of our elves.

It was great fun.  Until it wasn't.

Its become stressful.  What shall we do? Have we done it before?  And then there's the midnight dash when you realise that you've forgotten to do anything at all.

Its all just getting too elaborate.

It was fine the first couple of years but last year we found that far more children had elves and they all had different rules.

For instance - one child in my daughters class had been told by her Mum that her elf was 'the boss elf' because that child is SOOO good that only the top elf can visit.  Bleurgh!  That had my daughter questioning her behaviour.  "Why has 'x' got the top elf?  Aren't I good enough?"  I just told her that the Mum was probably making it up to make the other girl feel good.

It makes me bitter - I don't like it!

Then there are those children who are allowed to touch their elves and take them in to school to show.  Mine were questioning how comes they weren't allowed to touch theirs when others can.  All these things become trickier to answer (especially when its all based on a giant lie!) and to sound convincing especially when my eldest daughter is now coming up for 91/2.

The same family who have the 'top elf' also have several elves - some hard bodied, some soft.  Just how can you explain this.  We as adults are trying too hard.

It was supposed to be a bit of fun. Just move an elf from one shelf to another each night.  Why have we let it consume our Decembers?

Is the magic over?

I strongly suspect that my eldest has a strong inkling about ol' St Nick but I would love to get just one more year of believing (or at least hedging her bets) before that beautiful childhood naivety leaves her (and I have no doubts that in a moment of spite she will then tell Little Miss L that Santa isn't real - she's not a mean child - but siblings do like to wind each other up!).

For us - I think this will be the year we stop the elves coming.  Perhaps they'll visit for one night with a note saying that as their behaviour has been so good they are needed with other families.

Again - perhaps I'm overthinking it.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

A Day Out with Sylvanian Families

On the 15th October my children were lucky enough to attend an exclusive VIP "Day Out with Sylvanian Families" at Intu Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex.

This event was free for Premium Fan Club members and their families.

As only one of my girls is a Premium Fan Club member we used the two other tickets we could get for her and Daddy (I stayed at home!).

We weren't entirely sure if this would be an all day event or a drop so hubby headed up their for opening (and I had sent him with a long list of bits I needed from Ikea afterwards!).

There were various activities for the children to do:

  • Making a dress for their favourite Sylvanian;
  • Making Sylvanian pictures from Aquabeads;
  • Free goody bag;
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Play tables;
  • Meet the characters.

 There was a great goody bag from the the event and another that could be collected from the nearby Hamleys.

There was also a competition which the girls could have entered to win a visit from Freya Rabbit on their birthdays.  Unfortunately both my girls HATE dressed up characters so didn't enter - that would be like a birthday nightmare for them!  Much better that the prize goes to someone who can genuinely enjoy it.

After completing the activities on offer it was time to settle down and watch the Sylvanian's perform (from a safe distance of the floor above - god forbid they should be chosen to interact in any way!)

Concentrating on the Aquabeads

Its only a matter of time until the girls want a permanent set-up like this at home!

 Much fun had by all (well - except for Daddy who merely tolerated it!).  Personally I think he was sulking because he wasn't allowed to make a dress for his favourite Sylvanian (Bruce Springer in case you're wondering!).

Premium membership is available for only £9.99 per year from here in the UK.  Really great value for money as the child gets 4 magazines per year, a free exclusive collectors figure in a presentation box and a certificate along with exclusive competitions.  Membership would make a great Christmas present.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sylvanian Families Corgi Family

Last week the lovely people at Sylvanian Families sent us a surprise.

Its actually very fitting being the Queens 90th birthday year...its the Corgi Family.  (Happy birthday, Your Majesty!).

Sylvanian Families Corgi Family - RRP £16.99

The family is made up of Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister.  Dad Duke, Mum Queenie, Earl and Duchess on first glance look like they're plastic rather than the usual Sylvanian texture but they are actually made with the normal flecked feel.

The children were delighted to have a new addition to their collection.  We now have so many that we have got a large dolls house for the Sylvanians to live in as well as the houses and Grand Hotel.

Being 'regal' the girls thought it was only right to fine a home for the Corgis in the new dolls house - which is large Georgian house.

They are the usual excellent quality I have come to expect from Sylvanian Families and I imagine they will last and last despite being played with daily.

My girls are coming up for 7 and 9 and both still love their Sylvanians.  Now we just need a bigger house to accommodate it all ;)