Tuesday, 8 December 2015

It's Christmas in Sylvania

Christmas festivities are well underway in our house.  We managed to hold off until 1st December to get the Christmas tree up despite pestering from Miss R and Little Miss L.

Our house is festooned in pretty lights and lots of shiny tinsel and baubles.

We didn't want the Sylvanian Families to feel left out so it was time to get crafty!

Sylvanian Christmas Bunting

What you need:

Some fabric scraps (or you could even use some leftover Christmassy wrapping paper)
Pinking shears (to stop the fabric from fraying)
Bakers twine (or thin string)
Glue (normal gloopy white glue will be fine)

What to do:

  1. Fold your fabric in half and cut some small triangles from along the folded edge.  When these are opened up they will look like diamonds (in shape - we haven't performed magic and turned them into sparkly gems unfortunately!)
  2. Cut your bakers twine to the length required allowing extra at the ends to use for tying it on;
  3. Cover the reverse side of your fabric diamonds in glue and then place the bakers twine down the middle.
  4. Fold the diamonds over the twine to form triangles. Place one every centimetre or so down your length of twine;
  5. Wait to dry!

This is perfect to do with kids - it doesn't matter if you get too much glue on the fabric - it will dry clear anyway.

Also, my girls decided that the glue sticks were for wimps and went with poking their fingers into the glue to then wipe onto the fabric...it was more precise *apparently*.

Get decorating!

The girls decided to string up the bunting and add some battery operated fairy lights to the top floor of the Grand Hotel.  With a Lego Christmas tree in the 'drawing room' the Sylvanian guests are now all ready for the Christmas party season!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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