Saturday, 22 August 2015

Time for some elbow grease

Occasionally I get the opportunity to review some new and/or existing products that are on the market.

I've reviewed items from onesies to gloves to tissue to cat milk.  Right now I'm testing out Flash Liquid-Gel.

First thoughts

My first thoughts on this product was that I had no idea it can be used all around the house and on lots of different surfaces - I have had a large bottle of flash for several years that I only use on my floors (and I don't do that that often as I prefer a steam cleaner).

This bottle is much diddier and easy to open - and not as easy to spill! (good thing!)

I was sent the lemon scented one.  Honestly - not a fan. It smells a bit too 'chemically' for me.  I don't really like products with a pong (I don't like those wall plug in smelly things either - they give me a headache).  Equally I don't necessarily want every room in the house to smell of lemons or the oven and BBQ!

Lets get cleaning

Anyway - smell aside I left my oven door to get really quite disgusting (who am I kidding - its always like that!).  Usually I clean with bicarb of soda - but I thought I'd put the flash to the test....

My oven door - pre clean. Pretty grim

.... after just one wipe with Flash Liquid Gel....

Not bad. Quite a lot came off and after a bit of elbow grease it came up quite nicely.  It did leave behind some of the more stuck on grease though. I felt that it needed a slightly abrasive element to get that off (as you get with bicarb).

BBQs too

Mr H used it to clean up the BBQ and he was quite impressed with it (although forgot to take photos).  Put it this way - we had to throw the cloth away afterwards so it obviously cut through quite a lot of grease!

In the sink

We have a stainless steel sink which seems to constantly be tea stained from people tipping their dregs down the sink and not rinsing!

I wasn't impressed with the results I'm afraid.  It really didn't get the staining off. I definitely need the likes of Astonish or bicarb to get it really sparkling.


I'm still testing the product out in other areas of the house - shower next.  Cuppa first you say? Oh go on then!

NB/ All opinions are my own. I have not been paid for this.

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