Thursday, 18 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Days 19 & 20 and Candy Cane Growth Report

Day 19

Blatantly stole this idea from a friend of ours but with a slight tweek.

The elves had some seeds and instructions of how to grow candy canes.

Day 20

No explanation required! (except to say the more close up photos of random parts of my house I see the more I am realising I need to do a proper spring clean!)

Don't worry friends and family - these bows won't be on your pressies...promise!

The Candy Canes

Well 24 hours later and we can see that some of the candy canes grew...and some not so much.  I think someone didn't believe enough and thats why they haven't fully grown.  That'll teach you Miss R!

NB/ Remember to remove the 'seeds' from the sugar once they've grown!

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