Friday, 5 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Day 3 & 4

My blogging mojo has gone a-wandering so I'm just catching up!

Day 3

A quiet night for the Elves tonight snuggled up on the sofa reading one of the girls new Horrid Henry books.

You've got to do better than this Mr H!

Day 4

"Mummy - the elves have taken it TOO FAR this time" 

The children were truly horrified when they saw what the elves had been up to last night.

The pesky elves had drawn on our family photos!  Mummy was given a nose and antlers, Daddy a hat and moustache and various other pictures had writing on.  One of the elves had even done a speech bubble coming out of Miss R's mouth saying "I did it".

Luckily for the elves Daddy had selected the right pen and used a wipe off one!  (If he'd accidentally used a Sharpie there would have been SERIOUS trouble!)

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