Monday, 7 July 2014

Time flies

Where in the world is the time going?!

It seems like an age since I posted last as it's been birthday season in the H's house. End of May to end of June is a giant mash with all of us celebrating our birthdays and Mr H and I having our wedding anniversary.

To top it all off we had the schools Summer Fete so all in all I'm pooped!

I LOVE birthdays but even for me by the time it gets to poor Mr H's birthday I've just had enough of presents, cards, decorations and balloons.

Now I find myself 2 weeks from the end of term in utter chaos and Mr H working away!

I'm missing my crafting fix.

I've been pondering selling a few of my makes. I've made a few hair bows and decorations for the house and people comment that they're lovely and I should sell them but I don't know if they're just being polite!

I think I might give it a go - as it's something I enjoy. If they sell then fab - if not then my girls are just going to have a massive selection of hair clips!

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