Monday, 24 March 2014

Tooth Fairy Whimsy

Miss R finally lost her 2nd tooth last week which gave me the opportunity to don my tooth-fairy cap and go all out with the tooth fairy whimsy once again!

She utterly believes in the whole thing - its just wonderful.

Before bed she insisted on writing to the tooth fairy because last time the tooth fairy replied in teeny-tiny handwriting, and she laid out a little bed for the fairy and I had to leave the window open again to let 'her' in.

Well - no more!! She now has a door!

Months ago I bought a couple of MDF doors off of eBay ready for this occasion.  They sat around for months (like most of my crafting projects!) waiting for me to get around to doing something with them.

In January I put my bum into gear and finally got around to starting them.

Being MDF they needed to be primed first before they could be painted.

Ready to prime the fairy door

Once primed I used some little Dulux tester pots I had to paint the doors and then did polka dots using the contrasting paint by using the end of the paint brush.

I decided to buy some little letterboxes and door knockers designed for 1:12 Scale Dolls Houses and attached those using a hot glue gun.

Then I decided to add buttons (I know not why!) and a few ladybirds and flowers (again - not sure why, I don't know if anyone with flowers growing up their front door!).

The buttons almost caught me out.  When the girls saw them they recognised them as being part of my crafty stash but luckily they just thought the tooth fairy had borrowed them. Phew.  I hadn't even thought that they might put 2 and 2 together. Must be more careful in future! 

I crept into the girls room in the dead of night (well 9pm-ish but I'm just trying to build a tiny bit on tension...) and using all the stealth I could muster I fixed the doors onto their skirting board.  Mr H then pointed out that there is a gap behind them (spoil sport) but that doesn't matter when magic is involved ;)

I know that you can buy some really great Fairy doors but I think its nice to make your own.  It might not be as professional as some you can buy but its made with love - and that's the magic.

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