Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring Wreath

"Hello Spring - Welcome Back"

One of my New Years Resolutions was to learn to crochet because I wanted to make the lovely Christmas Wreath over at Attic 24.

Well - I'd done that (the basic part anyway) by mid February so decided I would make a nice little Spring Wreath ready for Easter.

I used the same principle as for the Christmas Wreath but added some crochet daffodils (pattern here).  I did have a few issues with the daffs - the pattern shows 6 petals but on my first attempt I ended up with 7 - but I've kept it in because it reminds me of my gaff!

The wreath is polystyrene so I have just pinned on the decorations so I can change them or add to them in the future if I want.

I asked the children if they liked it (I know - I should have known better) and Little Miss L said enthusiastically "I LOVE the little chicks on it Mummy". Hmm. The one bit I didn't make! She likes the cheap chicks from the £1 shop!  Oh well!

Thankfully Mr H was slightly more enthused than he was when I festooned the fireplace in felt hearts (see here) for Valentines.  I think he learnt his lesson!

Anyhow - I'm really happy with how its turned out.  Its sunshiney and it makes me smile!

Bex x

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