Monday, 24 March 2014

Pink Magazine Review

Little Miss L is quite simply the luckiest child on the planet.  She is always winning little competitions (OK - she's 4 so I'm the one that has entered them on her behalf but still - its her name that's chosen) and several times a year a little envelope arrives through the door saying she's won ANOTHER £25 on the Premium Bonds.

Recently, she entered a competition in Pink Magazine - and you guessed it - she won!

She won a LaLaLoopsy baby.  Being a polite kind of a gal I sent the magazine a quick message to say 'thank you' for her prize and in return they have asked me to review the magazine.

Pink Magazine - Review

So here goes:

I have always tried to steer my girls away from stereotypical colours - pink for girls, blue for boys - as toddlers they had a whole range of toys including dolls, farms and train sets.  And yet - it is undeniable.  My girls are drawn to PINK!

When I asked Little Miss L what she liked about Pink Magazine her response was "Its Pink!" (she is clearly incredibly observant - I am raising a genius!).

I know that my girls are drawn to the 'free' gift when it comes to shopping for a magazine and this magazine obliged nicely with some Tatty Teddy jewellery.

The magazine features all their favourite characters without being focused on just TV programmes:

It has Angelina Ballerina, Boofle, Lalaloopsy, Barbie, Me to You, Tinkerbell, Sofia the First, Kimmi Dolls and Rainbow Magic Fairies.

It appeals to both my 4 and 6 year old although the activities I would say are more suited to EYFS rather than KS1.

They both love the stickers that come with it and its always their first port of call in any magazine to get those stuck in ASAP.  There are sections for practicing writing, lots of drawing and colouring, stories and things to make and do.

In the issue I was sent there were Boofle cupcake wrappers and a recipe for Mothers Day so I think the (not so) secret plan is to make those with Daddy this weekend.

Pink Magazine is available from your newsagent for £2.99 -

**Disclaimer: I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own. I was sent Issue 182 to review**

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