Monday, 24 March 2014

Pink Magazine Review

Little Miss L is quite simply the luckiest child on the planet.  She is always winning little competitions (OK - she's 4 so I'm the one that has entered them on her behalf but still - its her name that's chosen) and several times a year a little envelope arrives through the door saying she's won ANOTHER £25 on the Premium Bonds.

Recently, she entered a competition in Pink Magazine - and you guessed it - she won!

She won a LaLaLoopsy baby.  Being a polite kind of a gal I sent the magazine a quick message to say 'thank you' for her prize and in return they have asked me to review the magazine.

Pink Magazine - Review

So here goes:

I have always tried to steer my girls away from stereotypical colours - pink for girls, blue for boys - as toddlers they had a whole range of toys including dolls, farms and train sets.  And yet - it is undeniable.  My girls are drawn to PINK!

When I asked Little Miss L what she liked about Pink Magazine her response was "Its Pink!" (she is clearly incredibly observant - I am raising a genius!).

I know that my girls are drawn to the 'free' gift when it comes to shopping for a magazine and this magazine obliged nicely with some Tatty Teddy jewellery.

The magazine features all their favourite characters without being focused on just TV programmes:

It has Angelina Ballerina, Boofle, Lalaloopsy, Barbie, Me to You, Tinkerbell, Sofia the First, Kimmi Dolls and Rainbow Magic Fairies.

It appeals to both my 4 and 6 year old although the activities I would say are more suited to EYFS rather than KS1.

They both love the stickers that come with it and its always their first port of call in any magazine to get those stuck in ASAP.  There are sections for practicing writing, lots of drawing and colouring, stories and things to make and do.

In the issue I was sent there were Boofle cupcake wrappers and a recipe for Mothers Day so I think the (not so) secret plan is to make those with Daddy this weekend.

Pink Magazine is available from your newsagent for £2.99 -

**Disclaimer: I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own. I was sent Issue 182 to review**

Tooth Fairy Whimsy

Miss R finally lost her 2nd tooth last week which gave me the opportunity to don my tooth-fairy cap and go all out with the tooth fairy whimsy once again!

She utterly believes in the whole thing - its just wonderful.

Before bed she insisted on writing to the tooth fairy because last time the tooth fairy replied in teeny-tiny handwriting, and she laid out a little bed for the fairy and I had to leave the window open again to let 'her' in.

Well - no more!! She now has a door!

Months ago I bought a couple of MDF doors off of eBay ready for this occasion.  They sat around for months (like most of my crafting projects!) waiting for me to get around to doing something with them.

In January I put my bum into gear and finally got around to starting them.

Being MDF they needed to be primed first before they could be painted.

Ready to prime the fairy door

Once primed I used some little Dulux tester pots I had to paint the doors and then did polka dots using the contrasting paint by using the end of the paint brush.

I decided to buy some little letterboxes and door knockers designed for 1:12 Scale Dolls Houses and attached those using a hot glue gun.

Then I decided to add buttons (I know not why!) and a few ladybirds and flowers (again - not sure why, I don't know if anyone with flowers growing up their front door!).

The buttons almost caught me out.  When the girls saw them they recognised them as being part of my crafty stash but luckily they just thought the tooth fairy had borrowed them. Phew.  I hadn't even thought that they might put 2 and 2 together. Must be more careful in future! 

I crept into the girls room in the dead of night (well 9pm-ish but I'm just trying to build a tiny bit on tension...) and using all the stealth I could muster I fixed the doors onto their skirting board.  Mr H then pointed out that there is a gap behind them (spoil sport) but that doesn't matter when magic is involved ;)

I know that you can buy some really great Fairy doors but I think its nice to make your own.  It might not be as professional as some you can buy but its made with love - and that's the magic.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring Wreath

"Hello Spring - Welcome Back"

One of my New Years Resolutions was to learn to crochet because I wanted to make the lovely Christmas Wreath over at Attic 24.

Well - I'd done that (the basic part anyway) by mid February so decided I would make a nice little Spring Wreath ready for Easter.

I used the same principle as for the Christmas Wreath but added some crochet daffodils (pattern here).  I did have a few issues with the daffs - the pattern shows 6 petals but on my first attempt I ended up with 7 - but I've kept it in because it reminds me of my gaff!

The wreath is polystyrene so I have just pinned on the decorations so I can change them or add to them in the future if I want.

I asked the children if they liked it (I know - I should have known better) and Little Miss L said enthusiastically "I LOVE the little chicks on it Mummy". Hmm. The one bit I didn't make! She likes the cheap chicks from the £1 shop!  Oh well!

Thankfully Mr H was slightly more enthused than he was when I festooned the fireplace in felt hearts (see here) for Valentines.  I think he learnt his lesson!

Anyhow - I'm really happy with how its turned out.  Its sunshiney and it makes me smile!

Bex x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I'm not religious in any way but each year I find myself trying to find something to give up for lent.

The usual things would be chocolate or alcohol - well I don't drink enough to warrant giving it up and the year I gave up chocolate I took up Jelly Tots in its place!

So this year I have tried to think of something different, something else that I'm addicted to.

Candy Crush Sage

Pet Rescue Saga

Papa Pear Saga

I spend WAY too much time on these addictive games and so I'm giving them up!

They are deleted from my iPad! No more! So don't try asking me for lives, tickets etc because I'm not playing :)

For the last few months I have found I spend far too much time playing these games. I watch TV in the evening with Mr H without actually 'watching' it. I'm swiping candies or trying to save pets! Mr H finds it infuriating!

So for the next 40 days I will be making better use of my time.

I'll read a book.  Crochet. Watch a film.

Not quite ready to give up Facebook for Lent yet though ;)

Bex x