Saturday, 1 February 2014

Photo a Day Challenge - January

Project 365.  Photo a Day Challenge

One of my New Years Resolutions was to do a Photo-a-Day Challenge - I started well but then kind of, well, forgot.

However - there's still a lot of the year left so I am going to hop back on the band wagon and get back to it.

I am. Really.

Here's how I did in January.


I managed to day 20 before I forgot!

And here are the results all crammed up together in a smudgey mess :)

Days 1 - 20 of Photo a Day Challenge

Day 2 is the slightly dubious "Begins with G" - it got to the end of the day and I remembered I had to a do my photo, only had my phone and had to come up with my G which was surprisingly difficult in the middle of a car park in the dark (it was the same day as the 'crochet hook incident'!).  So I went with 'Guzzle' - Mr H guzzling a drink.  Poor effort I know - especially for day 2!

I think I might catch up with the rest of the piccies as well as carrying on with February.

Bex x

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