Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Have you eaten the hair clips?

Any parent of girls will understand this problem.

Hair clips / grips / bands / elastics - they get EVERYWHERE.

Except that is when you actually want one - then they are nowhere to be seen.

In an attempt to corral the girls stash and get they to take some responsibility for tidying up I decided to make them a hair clip holder each.

I asked each of them what shape they wanted and Miss R wanted a Heart and Little Miss L a cloud.  So one wet and windy day I set about making something out of bits I had lying around.


Handmade Hair Clip Holder

I drew templates onto paper and then cut out the shapes from my felt stash.  I found some pretty ribbon to make a loop for hanging and some extra for attaching the clips to.

Then I attached them in between the felt shapes as I blanket stitched them together and stuffed them.

If I were to make them again there are some changes I would make but not bad for a quick Monday morning project.

And MOST importantly - the girls love them :)

Bex x

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