Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Days 14 & 15

Well - Christmas is now well and truly over, the decorations are down and the January blues have hit so I thought I'd just do our final post for Elf on the Shelf for 2013.

Day 14

Every year my girls like to get Magic Reindeer Food.  Usually we buy this at a Christmas Bazaar or something similar but this year we never got around to it.

They were very disappointed that they didn't have any to sprinkle in the front garden on Christmas Eve - and the elves must have heard because low and behold - the Elves bought some magic reindeer food for them!

I found the labels here and made a cone each out of festive scrap booking paper.  In hindsight I should have made long, thin cones for the food but the stumpy little ones worked OK.

I mixed some porridge oats, sugar (I dunno why - just thought it would add some crunch!!) and some magic glitter (OK - just glitter!) and it was done.

The girls came down in the morning to find the Elves perched on our home-made postbox with the food in hand.

The girls on Christmas Eve 2013 sprinkling their magic reindeer food.

Day 15

I can't believe that on their last night here both Mr H and I forgot to photograph the elves who had been making snow angels out of flour in the kitchen.  Grr to us!

We had to retrieve the elves from the flour (using tongs of course - don't touch!) and put them back on the mantle for Santa to collect when he called on Christmas Eve.

And so that's it for 2013

Next year I might try to be a bit more organised so they arrive of 1st December and do a bit of planning.

Some people think it's all a load of faff but the look on the kids faces makes it totally worth it.

Their joy is priceless.

Bex x

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