Friday, 6 December 2013

It's not Christmas without....

"Christmas won't be christmas without any presents" grumbled Jo.

But Jo was wrong.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without...........(wait for it.......)


Each and every year I HAVE to listen to Perry Como whilst putting up the Christmas tree and have a little drink of Sherry (obviously this latter part has only been since I've been a grown up - my parents weren't THAT type of parents!)

Also a teeny tiny bit of Johnny Mathis which always makes me think of my Pa!

Given my musical tastes you could be forgiven for thinking I'm a pensioner rather than a lady in her 'early' 30's!

I wonder whether my girls will be listening to this when they're grown ups with their own families or whether they'll remember Michael Buble playing as their Christmas background music?

What would Christmas not be Christmas without for you?

Bex x

(For those who are wondering - the quote is from 'Little Women')

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