Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf - Days 8 & 9 and an Elf Emergency

Day 8

In a stroke of artistic genius I had to hand it to Mr H today - an excellent effort with Hama beads!


The unthinkable happened today - Little Miss L's elf, Peppermint Tinker got touched!

Miss R was trying to get to the picture for me to iron it and knocked the elves and then she picked them up which was witnessed by Miss L.

A very distraught child ensued.

Would Peppermint lose her Christmas magic?

Fear not dear reader - being a great Mummy I googled what the appropriate action was for a touched elf (yes - I actually googled it!) and found that if the child sprinkles cinnamon around the elf at bedtime it will give them enough Christmas magic to get back to the North Pole to see the Elf Doctors.

So that's what we did!!

When Mr H saw on the computer that I had actually looked up what to do he was more than a little bemused.  When I thought about it afterwards I tend to agree but what does any girl do when they need help in an emergency?

  • a) phone their Daddy; or
  • b) consult Mr Google!
Disaster had been averted and peace restored in the the Holiday house!

Day 9

Given that Peppermint would have spent the previous night in Elf hospital having her Christmas magic restored it seemed only right that they didn't get up to mischief this evening.

Instead, Peppermint took a well deserved rest in a box of tissues looked over by Jolly.

And very importantly - a Certificate of Health from here

Phew!  I think tomorrow the elves may get a day off ;)

Bex x

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