Sunday, 22 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf - Days 10 - 13

Day 10

Those cheeky elves were obviously feeling much better because they wrote on the bathroom mirror.

Luckily they chose a lipstick that went out of fashion in the 90's and I have no idea why I even own it!!

Day 11

Back to Mr H's turn and what do boys like to do? Build Lego!

So Mr H managed to incorporate our new Space Shuttle Lego set into tonight's set up!

(In fairness to him when we bought it we did buy it with us grown ups in mind!!)

Day 12

Its been very tiring for the Elves so they were due a day of rest so they settled down to watch some DVDs with popcorn.

Peppermint was over at the DVD player working the buttons whilst Jolly had control of the remote!

Excuse the photography - a quick dash with the phone before they got moved!

Day 13

Time for a bit of intellect from the Elves.  They found my supply of scrabble tiles that I use for crafting and spelt out 'Christmas Nearly' on the floor of Miss R's bedroom.

They turned out to be a welcome excuse for her not to tidy her room in case she touched her elf.  Hmmm - we're being played here I think!

Final thoughts

Only a few more nights left until the elves return to their home in the North Pole.

But I leave you with this...

The other day - whilst the girls were at school, I moved the elves back to the mantelpiece.  I did this with the kitchen tongs so as not to touch them.   

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