Monday, 9 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf - The Arrival!

OK - so I was supposed to do this on 1st December but the kids were so happy with their MANY advent calendars that I decided to leave it for a few days.

Besides - I wanted to be truly READY!

Last year when we got our Elves they just 'arrived' - I didn't do anything in particular to mark their arrival - I just stuck them in the tree for the kids to find.

THIS YEAR - (I have too much time on my hands!) - I have done a letter from Santa to send with them.

I found this great Santa headed paper you can download here which I printed onto some 'posher' paper.

I then cobbled together a little letter with a bit of a ditty and printed it out.

Having decided last night was 'the' night for them to come I then promptly forgot so this morning while the girls were having their breakfast I had to quickly hide them!

So - they ended up in their trees again!  Unoriginal - but still exciting for 2 small children.

I just loved seeing their faces when they realised their elves were back!

MUST remember to move them tonight!

Bex x

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