Wednesday, 4 December 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Less is more!

Not a phrase that comes to mind in our house when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Like thousands of families around the world we finally put up our Christmas tree on Sunday 1st December.  Lots of friends hadn't even held out until December this year with trees popping up in my Facebook news feed from mid November. Now - I LOVE Christmas but I do think you need to wait until December before putting up the tree.

I can't remember the last time we had a real tree - I'm guessing I was quite young. I've been really wanting to have a real tree but for the size I want it would just be too expensive (plus I fear the mog would climb it!)

This year we bought a new fake tree. A 7ft beast - I love it.

In my head it's decorated beautifully in a Scandi style much like this.....

What I actually have is this....

And I love it. Miss R (6) decorated it all by herself (I did the lights) and it contains nearly every ornament we own. (I say nearly because she saved some for her own tree - read on dear reader!)

Long gone is the colour coordinated themed tree of our childless days - now our tree is covered in lots of homemade ornaments from nursery and school and lots of garish glittery baubles. 

Homemade decorations

I really can't stand it when people who have kids won't let them decorate the tree - unless you are Christian and are celebrating a religious holiday then Christmas really is for the children and I love that Miss R has expressed her creativity on the tree.

Not to be outdone both girls decided they would like a tree in their bedrooms.  Miss R has plenty of space but poor Miss L has a tiny room - but she loves her little tacky tree and decorated it ALL herself. Can you tell?!

Miss R's tree on the left and Little Miss L's tree on the right. Tasteful huh?!

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