Monday, 14 October 2013

Bobby Pin Storage - Part 1

I have two small girls who seem to go through hair clips like they're going out of fashion.

We must have bought hundreds of the things and they are always getting broken or lost.

So often when we're out and about I hear

"Mummy - have you got a hair clip? my hair's in my eyes"

Sometime I do.
Sometimes I don't.
Occasionally I manage to find one in with the fluff at the bottom of my handbag or in the little rubber bit around the gear stick in my car but now I have a solution!!

The girls love a tic tac - occasionally L (age 4) will ask for a Tic Tac for her pudding (yes - just one!) and I often have these empty pots lying around.

Surely they must have a 'use'.

Ta Dah!

No more hunting around in the depths of my handbag for a clip when we're out and about now!

Now this did have my husband (the + 1 of my blog) saying "why on earth are you taking a photo of an empty tic tac box with your phone".  Well my love - now you know!

Any other uses for an empty tic tac box anyone? Or should I just recycle my next one like normal people?!

Bex x

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