Friday, 30 August 2013

Making Bracelets

Recently a friend came round for the day with her two children and brought with her a Butterfly Bracelets kit from Baker Ross.

Well - we thought we'd give it a little review!

It's craft time kids!

Kettle on for a cuppa and time to calm the kids down from lots of running about so here we go.....

The instructions provided in the pack

Each pack contains enough pieces to make 6 bracelets and currently sells for £2.99 (50p each)

What do you get?

Everything you need to make it is provided - the ribbon and pre-cut butterfly shapes with small holes for threading, and a needle.

We had a range of ages making this 3, 4 and 6.

The 6 year old girls were able to follow the instructions themselves, threading the needle (which is brilliant - its just plastic but does the job brilliantly with no pricked fingers).  
You line up a small butterfly on top of a larger one and thread your ribbon through the holes. Simples!
The two younger children did have difficulty with this but with a bit of assistance they managed to create their own bracelets too.

Amelia concentrating on her threading
It's great for assisting in hand/eye coordination as well as helping with manual dexterity which assists children learning to write and control a pencil.

Rosie getting a bit of help

The two younger ones managed to make one too


A nice activity for a quiet 20 minutes around the table.

These would be ideal if you wanted to do some craft activities at a birthday party.  I think the children get a real sense of accomplishment when they create something themselves and at the equivalent of 50p (same as a Mars Bar - well, less in fact) I think they are great.  I would much rather the kids used their pocket money to get this sort of thing.

Thumbs up to Baker Ross from us on this product!

Bex x

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