Monday, 5 August 2013

Ashford Amble

The children are away for a week so Mike and I have taken a days annual leave from the business to go out somewhere.

We originally planned to go to London but after several false starts, Mike working until 2pm despite it being his day off and lots of mutterings and moaning on both our parts we finally decided to go out for a late lunch and then head off and do some geocaching.

We went to Harvester for lunch and then headed off to attempt the Ashford Amble series of Geocaches around the Godinton Estate.

Time to get caching

It didn't start particularly promisingly - the cache owners recommended a place to park but I decided I knew better!

This meant our nearest cache was number 11 so we started with that one!

Tick! Found the cache, signed and returned to its little hidey hole.

Next heading in to number 12.  Now, we thought we'd be able to find this but alas. After quarter of an hour searching we decided to give up and head on.

We headed off towards number one but realised we were stuck on the wrong side of a fence so decided to abandon that one - we'll pick it up another time.

Onwards to number 2

There was some beautiful scenery and lots of lovely places to put down a picnic blanket and have a nap!  We hardly saw anyone on our travels - just a couple of lads fishing.

At cache 3 I decided it was 'Diet Coke Break' time...

...and found a beautiful house I think it'd be lovely to live in...

Heading on across more fields we came across more stiles. 

"What's that bit for?" I asked Mike.
"It's for frogs"
"No you daft bint, dogs!!"

Turns out my hearings not so great.  Still nice idea for frogs I thought! ;)

Its the frog gate

Onwards to #5

Next we came across a corn field. We weren't sure whether we should follow the road or go in the field. We opted for the field and walked along chatting happily. Eh up! 1 metre to go!  We stumbled upon a place in the hedge that had clearly been stomped down.  I sent Mike in on his hands and knees to search.  The description referred to a tree (and there was one the other side of the hedge).  Were  we in the wrong place after all??  We traipsed back out of the field, round to the Godinton House car park and tried to locate the tree.  Nope! We were in the right place first time so back we went into the corn field and back to the first searching spot.  Back on his hands and knees again and before we knew it Mike had the cache triumphantly in hand.

No corn was harmed in the taking of this photo!

We were truly in the swing of it by now although I have to confess I was getting rather hot and sweaty! We were really pleased we'd left the caching until late afternoon.

Caches 6, 7 and 8 were soon collected and signed.

Unfortunately it looked like the predicted rain might catch up with us....

With just number 10 left to do we started to feel a few spit spots in the air and the sky's became dark!  We soldiered on to the location of number 10 but the tree canopy was so thick that it was really dark and despite search for 10minutes we couldn't track down the last of our caches for the day. Nuts.

Just a short walk to get back to our car and then the heavens opened and left us ABSOLUTELY DRENCHED! (But mighty refreshed!)

Within seconds you could wring me out!
The whole route took us about 2 hours but you could easily make a day of it.  In fact we might retrace parts of it with the children and take a picnic.  

A really lovely, and highly recommended walk.  Thank you to TheHurks for posting this series of geocaches.

For more information on Geocaching please visit the website

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