Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A bit of glitter and a bit of glue

At the start of the Summer Holidays all those weeks ago the girls and I brainstormed a list of things they would like to do during the holiday.

It wasn't just 'expensive days out' we added things like painting, and sticking, going to the library, going on a bike ride etc etc.

Today was the turn of 'Sticking'.

We're always saving bits and bobs to add to our sticking box, sweet wrappers, feathers, jewels, confetti along with having a pot of dry rice, lentils, pasta shapes and spaghetti.

And of course GLITTER!

Children really don't need much to be entertained.

Wielding scissors and glitter - a dangerous combo if ever I saw one

Rosie's finished creation using a bit of everything including some old ribbon which came off a pair of PJ's one Christmas as a border

Libby's night sky (with a few bits of spaghetti thrown in for good measure!)

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