Friday, 4 January 2013

A bit about me!

Hello 2013!

This is probably one of many new blogs to be started in the last few days - the wonder of New Years Resolutions!  I wonder how many will continue over the coming months / years.

I have actually just written my first blog post for our Company blog and found it quite cathartic.  Its like having a whinge to an old friend - only the old friend can't tell you to get a grip and pull yourself together.  So here I am,  32 1/2 and blogging into the ether to perhaps millions, but more likely, a tiny handful.

The boring bit...

I have contemplated the idea of attaching my CV but here goes the quick synopsis of moi:




32 1/2 (see - were you paying attention above!)


Ashford, Kent


Mummy of two girls, wife of one husband, and Company Director of R L Surveys Ltd (in order of importance)


Not enough.  Dropped out of Uni where I should have studied Criminology - but hey, how often do you see "CRIMINOLOGIST WANTED" in the local paper.  Instead ended up studying Accountancy and now am a qualified Accounting Technician.


Not too bad thanks - other than a few minor issues with Anxiety (pah - minor my arse.  I'm sure there will be blogs on this!)


Reading trashy Chick-Lit novels, along with a bit if James Patterson
Crafting (well - I'm gathering lots of bits for the day in the future when I actually start crafting)
Family Tree - again full of good intentions, did lots of this pre-children and then, well, children got in the way.
Film and TV - doesn't everyone.

No fitness mentioned you will see.  Something else for me to blog about in the coming months perhaps! (or lack thereof!)

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